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Exciting things are happening in the Pink Zebra world! We are entering a whole new market with our new subscription service called ScentFlirt. ScentFlirt is a monthly subscription for home fragrance lovers. Subscribers will enjoy getting surprised each month with brand new offerings from both our Sprinkles and Soaks line. Each monthly shipment will include new scent adventures allowing you to never run out of fragrance again! Subscribers will also get discount offers in the way of coupon codes for discounts on other Pink Zebra products.

As a VIP ScentFlirter, if you stay on with us for 6 consecutive months, you will also get a 5% discount on ALL your future Sprinkles and Soaks purchases!

Be the first to experience new scent releases as well as one our of newest products like our WallHug. WallHugs are plugins that work with our Soaks line.  Scentflirt subscribers will receive a WallHug during one of our winter months. Which month? I can’t say as each month will be a surprise!

ScentFlirt launches on Oct 15th so save the date! To subscribe bookmark my site


ScentFlirt Sample of What You Will Receive