Exciting News at Pink Zebra the Wallhug Plug-In Has Arrived! 

Wallhug Plug-in Debuts in December Scentflirt

If you are a ScentFlirt subscriber then you have received your December subscription box launching our brand new  Wallhug plug-in! I know I got mine and am in love! This little plugin freshener has an awesome scent throw. When I first opened my Scentflirt box, I immediately went to the box with the new Wallhug inside as I couldn’t wait any longer to actually have it in my hands. Consultants and customers have been asking for this product from Pink Zebra for a while and they delivered – BIG TIME! 

Details On The Wallhug

Wallhug is definitely a quality product. On the back of the unit is an adaptable plug that you can rotate depending on the orientation of the outlet, so you can plug it in vertical or horizontal to match your outlet. The vessel that holds the Soaks fragrance oil is also made of glass.  Glass makes it much easier to clean by letting you wipe out any residual oil. Also as it is glass, it won’t absorb fragrances when you want to swap them out, which you will definitely want to do. The glass is easily removed and inserted into the wall unit and it also has a warming plate that heats up the fragrance. You can tell if the unit is on by its on-off indicator light, which can also serve a great night light.

Also, inside my subscription box was a full-size Soaks of our newest fragrance, this month’s Paisley’s pick, Lavender AirCare+. Customers are going to love this new fragrance as it not only smells like flowers of spring and lavender but it also has an air neutralizer in it to really “clean” the air. This fragrance is a perfect pick for January as people want to start FRESH for the New Year. It is available this month only in Soaks and also Sprinkles form, so you can also enjoy it in our Simmering lights, and simmer pots.

shows the contents of the December scentflirt subscription box and also show the new wallhug plugin

There was also information in the subscription box about one of our newest fragrances.  Strawberry Smoothie will be part of our new Spring/Summer line. This scent is sure to be a hit as well as Strawberry is very popular and frequently asked. Pink Zebra also revealed that we can expect 20 more NEW home fragrances to our line! Stock Up Here  

Our new catalog launches on Jan 26th. Be sure to check back here to see all the latest Pink Zebra has to offer. I am so excited to share all the new products with you!

If you would like more information about Scentflirt or our new Wallhug please feel free to email me at karen@thezebradiva.com