Pink Zebra Home Fragrance is taking extra steps to ensure package safety. The owners at Pink Zebra have instituted new packaging and cleaning protocols within the distribution warehouse. These new protocols are in place to protect both the employees as well as customers.

The company is taking the spread of COVID19 very seriously and has put systems in place to minimize any risk potential. All employees are screened upon entering the building.  Each employee also has their temperature taken and recorded. No unauthorized personnel is allowed into the building. The building is thoroughly cleaned with surfaces being wiped down and sanitized 3 times a day. All package contents are disinfected with Lysol before leaving the warehouse. Packages also will have a label on the outside stating that the contents have been sanitized and to let customers know of our package safety steps.

Pink Zebra Covid19 Safety

I’m so grateful that Pink Zebra is taking these steps. I know it will make our customers and consultants feel more at ease knowing extra precautions have been taken. Please feel safe in shopping on my website Thank you Pink Zebra.