be the change conferenceI’m feeling blessed these days for my direct sales business, more so than usual. I am grateful for the obvious financial benefits of my business but more for the relationships I have built.  The current COVID19 crisis gives us all the time to reflect as our worlds have turned upside down and we are now forced to change the way we do the simplest of things.

Direct Sales: Working From Home

I am fortunate because I work from home every day and most of my business is also done online. I can reach people from all over the world right here from my computer. Because of this, I have been able to build relationships with many people from all walks of life from near and far. I have built strong bonds with some and have created life long friends. During this time of crisis, I have them to turn to for support. It warms my heart to be able to share my day with them even though they may not be near. We are friends, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, teachers, business owners and so much more. We are a family. The sense of community and support with Pink Zebra amazes me and it is through these difficult times that we rely on one another.

If you want to be part of something bigger than yourself and be part of a community of others who share the same goals and dreams consider direct sales and Pink Zebra. A side hustle for you just may turn into a full-time business opportunity. At this time more than ever we need to lift each other up. Pink Zebra has been a blessing to me in many ways. I would like to share that gift with you. If you have any questions and would like to connect with me you can reach me at

Stay safe and God Bless