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Welcome to my new blog about Pink Zebra. I hope my writings here serve to inspire you in whatever journey you may currently be on, whether it is in a different direct sales company or if you too are a Pink Zebra consultant.


Pink Zebra Implements COVID19 Safety Protocols

March 29, 2020 in Pink Zebra News

Pink Zebra Home Fragrance is taking extra steps to ensure package safety. The owners at Pink Zebra have instituted new packaging and cleaning protocols within the distribution warehouse. These new protocols are in place to protect both the employees as well as customers.

The company is taking the spread of COVID19 very seriously and has put systems in place to minimize any risk potential. All employees are screened upon entering the building.  Each employee also has their temperature taken and recorded. No unauthorized personnel is allowed into the building. The building is thoroughly cleaned with surfaces being wiped down and sanitized 3 times a day. All package contents are disinfected with Lysol before leaving the warehouse. Packages also will have a label on the outside stating that the contents have been sanitized and to let customers know of our package safety steps.

Pink Zebra Covid19 Safety

I’m so grateful that Pink Zebra is taking these steps. I know it will make our customers and consultants feel more at ease knowing extra precautions have been taken. Please feel safe in shopping on my website Thank you Pink Zebra.

Pink Zebra Rally Launches New Spring Summer Catalog

January 25, 2020 in Pink Zebra News
Pink Zebra January Rally 2020

Pink Zebra January Rally 2020

Another GREAT Pink Zebra
rally in the books!

Pink Zebra recently held its new Spring / Summer product launch through rallies across the US and Canada, 30 in all. It is always such an honor to speak on behalf of Pink Zebra. I led the rally in Springfield MA.  Over 84 consultants and guests attended.

Our Schedule was Jam-Packed

Rally opened differently this year as we jumped right into the new 2020 product reveal. This always creates such excitement! Our new catalog, Simply Fragrance, showcases 20 new and 11 returning sprinkles scents.  I was excited to see lots of summer favorites such as I Love Watermelon, Fresh Sweet Strawberry, Grape Popsicle, and Vanilla Tease return. Along with the new fragrances are 8 new simmer pots, 9 new simmering lights, 12 new accent shades and my favorite newest product the newly revamped reed diffusers! Pink Zebra added 3 new diffusers to the line.

Smoothie – HOPE FragrancePink Zebra Heroes

Pink Zebra has changed it up a bit this year and will be focusing more on our HEROES HOPE program. This generous program, established by Pink Zebra Co-founder, Kelly Gaines supports single moms. Pink Zebra believes in the strength and courage of women and the superpower in life to give life. HEROES is about encouraging and supporting single mothers who need continued education, growth in their careers and to be role models for their kids.

10%of all the proceeds of our HOPE collection go towards things such as free days of daycare, scholarship programs, and other fundraisers for our community. The new fragrance for this program is Smoothie, which is a great blend of strawberry, pear, peach, and banana. Please support the cause and purchase from this collection. If you are a single mom or know someone who is please help us spread the word -download the application to apply to the program.

Wallhug Now Available

One of the biggest announcements at the rally was the introduction of the new category, the Wall Hug! Pink Zebra now has a plug-in air freshener option. Our new Wallhug uses Soaks which are like liquid Sprinkles. The Wall Hug is unique in the home fragrance industry. It is the first plugin that allows you to customize your own fragrance. As with our Sprinkles, Soaks fragrance oils are blendable allowing you to create your own custom scents, to make it uniquely yours.

Initiatives Throughout 2020

Part of the updates announced at the rally, included exciting new monthly initiatives for both Pink Zebra consultants and hostesses. You will want to check back each month with me to see what all you can win as a consultant or for hosting a Pink Zebra party.

Exclusive Deal with Deluxe Kit Purchase

For a limited time, Pink Zebra has an amazing deal for you. The Deluxe kit is just $169 US and $189 Canada until midnight tonight. But the most amazing part of this deal is it is bundled with FREE Justin Prince training, including his complete Blueprint for Recruiting program. This is such an incredible deal for those looking to join Pink Zebra. Purchase the Deluxe kit until Jan. 31, 2020 and get a $2,247 value US or $2,893 Canada value for this low price!!! For information go to my website

Pink Zebra Director’s Leadership Retreat

January 19, 2020 in Pink Zebra News

Pink Zebra Director’s Retreat – Top to Top Leadership Meeting

Pink Zebra Director's Retreat

2nd Annual Pink Zebra Directors Retreat

My husband and I attended recently attended Pink Zebra’s 2nd Annual Leadership Retreat in Wharton Texas.  The “Ranch” as it is affectionately known is just off the grid outside of Houston in Wharton County. The Top to Top retreat is a gathering of Pink Zebra’s top leaders; Directors, Executive Directors, and Presidential Directors, as well as corporate Pink Zebra staff. This year, the company did something different and invited other top sales and leadership consultants.  They got to see first hand the perks of becoming a Director. I know this helped inspire them to want to promote to the next level.

Day 1 – “The Ranch”

In the words of Tom Gaines, Pink Zebra’s founder, “the ranch is a no-frills, honest, hard-working, team effort, get ‘r done kind of place.  A place where you are safe from judgment and politics.”  You are expected to pitch in with chores like making meals and cleaning. It’s also “a place where you feel special, informed, productive and part of something bigger than yourself.” You leave the Ranch with the tools and knowledge to make your team feel the same which helps lead them to achieve their goals.

Allan, Connie and Me Helping With Dinner

Allan, Connie and Me Helping With Dinner

Leaders slept in rooms with bunk beds as many as 4 to a room, the higher your rank the better sleeping arrangments. Bathroom and shower accommodations were also shared. As Presidential Director, I was able to have my own private room with a shower and bath.

Pink Zebra Director Retreat 2020`

Director’s Leadership Retreat

The Swag

Pink Zebra really knows how to make you feel special, each leader received their own gift bag filled with swag. They had new products and other logoed goodies. No, I am not going to say exactly what was inside- ok maybe I can share a little, a new Wallhug mug, new Simmering Light and a new Sprinkles fragrance from our 2020 Spring/Summer Catalog.  That was not all, as an extra special gift Directors and above received a pink jacket, of course, my husband Al, who is also a Director got a black one. The jackets had the leadership retreat logo to celebrate our 2nd meeting.

Pink Zebra director jacket

His and her Directors Jackets


Most of us arrived on Saturday night. We had time to mingle and welcome each other, as for some it was their first time attending. We gathered out front, roasting marshmallows and having a few drinks around the bonfire. Allan and I made it an early night and went to bed as we needed to be up extra early to help prepare breakfast and get ready for the next day’s meeting.

The Agenda – Day 2

Getting down to business. The ranch is a super fun place, but it is also a place to work. Our agenda was pretty full. Filled with lots of learning and brainstorming.

Rise and Shine: Our corporate field trainer, Connie, held an optional walk/run around the grounds. A good group of people took her up on this and they explored the beautiful grounds of the ranch which has the Colorado River as it’s a backdrop. This was at 6:30 am! Needless to say, I didn’t go as it was too early for me. At 7:30, we cooked breakfast together as a group which was a lot of fun.

Making breakfast together


Our first day’s meeting started promptly at 9 am. Tom Gaines, one of the founders and owner of Pink Zebra led the days meeting.  It started first with the 4 Pillars of Leading a Successful Team and continued into the company vision for 2020. We split into teams for a group activity. For this exercise, we wrote our story in notebooks, –The Greatest Story Ever Told. These stories included the experiences that led us into our Pink Zebra business. You can imagine this brought some tears. In all, I believe it a good exercise for us as a group. It made us realize just how much our stories had in common. Granted, each of our stories is different but almost all of us have some obstacles to overcome to get to where we are today.

We broke for lunch and after that, we got down to numbers! Each person received a binder and a flash drive with a detailed 2-year review of our Pink Zebra teams. We also got an income model to help us build our team goals, allowing us to see our top performers and the areas we need to work on. That said, It was a long but productive day.

Pink Zebra Director's Retreat Leadership Conference

leadership training

The Agenda – Day 3

Day 3 of the retreat was with Directors and above only, as the other group of top leaders left in the morning. The agenda for this day was also full. Tom spoke about the companies direction and focus for 2020, and we brainstormed on messaging for our upcoming rally as well as other initiatives for the year. The day ended with a reveal of our Spring/Summer Catalog, where we got to see and smell the new catalog items! I can’t wait for you to see them! I love the added perk of being able to see the new line before it is launched. The launch date for the new catalog is January 25. If you are looking for pictures of the new products you won’t find them here. It’s top-secret and my lips are sealed!

Pink Zebra Founder Tom Gaines

Work Hard Play Harder – Nights at the Ranch

After those long days of training, its time to relax and kickback.  The ranch has many activities and spots to do just that. My favorite spot is the Saloon. Yes, they really have a saloon on the property!  The ranch has a few other buildings as well. Our meetings were all held in the main ranch house, which also has sleeping quarters. I was lucky to be sleeping in the main building, others bunked in quarters outside but the saloon was where most of our downtime was spent.

After preparing dinner each night it was time to unwind and this is just the place to do it. The Saloon is pretty big as you can see in the photos and it has lots of room. It has a pool table, darts, ping pong, Jenga, you name it they have it! The best part I think is the stage!

2nd Annual Lip-Sync Contest

leadership retreat

We held our 2nd Annual Lip-Sync contest on Saturday night – although I am not sure we named a winner!  For this contest, we broke out into the same groups as our training sessions earlier in the day. This was so much fun as you can see from our pictures. The lip-sync contest quickly turning into karaoke night and lots of the other leaders sang their hearts out.

Polaris Mud Rides

Singing wasn’t the only fun activity, we also had the opportunity to take a ride the Polaris. Tom and his son Conner, drove us. We were able to explore some of the property and got a glimpse of some of the wildlife.

leadership meeting

Mud Ride with friends

So another Pink Zebra Director Leadership Retreat is in the books. We laughed, cried and learned so much. I am excited to put my new training into place and to really make 2020 a year of success and intention.