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Your ScentFlirt monthly subscription comes to you at the beginning of each month. Enjoy plenty of new Sprinkles and Soaks fragrances for up to 25% off of original pricing. Love to be surprised? Each month be the first to experience new and exclusive products! Plus gain access to exclusive deals and discounts! Need a little break from your subscription? No problem! It's EZPZ to cancel anytime and rejoin when you're ready

Scent Flirt How it Works


Become a member of ScentFlirt™ for just $34.00 US per month.
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Experience New Products Each Month

When ScentFlirt™ arrives, be the first to experience exclusive fragrances, try new products, and receive sneak peeks of early reveals and more!
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Scent Flirt DealsGain Access to Deals

Save 5% off all Pink Zebra fragrances in Sprinkles or Soaks for Loyal ScentFlirters subscribing for at least 6 consecutive months.

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Scent Flirt PouchesScentFlirt Loyalty Perks

Loyal ScentFlirts gain access to 5% off all fragrance products (excluding any products that may already be on sale). You become a Loyal ScentFlirt after just 6 consecutive months of subscribing.

Surprise Deals

You never know what deals are in store for you with your monthly subscription. We may surprise you with a coupon to redeem on hot new Pink Zebra products.

Questions About Your ScentFlirt Subscription?

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  • What is the ScentFlirt Subscription program?

    • The ScentFlirt Subscription program is an automatic renewal program that is offered online for select Pink Zebra products. Subscribe to our monthly service and enjoy having the latest fragrances delivered directly to your door each month, plus receive 5% off all full retail fragrance products when you become a "Loyal ScentFlirt" after you've been in the program for 6 consecutive months.
  • What shipping charges are associated with ScentFlirt Subscription orders?

    • ScentFlirt Subscription orders ship for $4 in the United States and $6 in Canada
  • How does the ScentFlirt Subscription program work?

    • Select the subscription item, agree to the terms, and we ship you a surprise of Scents on our next monthly cycle.
  • How do I change my shipping address for my ScentFlirt Subscription orders?

    • Contact our Customer Service team at (855)746-5932 US or (833)445-3003 Canada.
  • When will my ScentFlirt Subscription products ship?

    • All future orders will be shipped within 1 to 5 business days before or after the 25th of each month.
  • How do I cancel all future ScentFlirt Subscription orders?

    • Send an email to and include your customer ID number with a request to cancel. Pink Zebra Customer Service team will send you an email confirmation approving your cancellation. The receipt date of this email from Pink Zebra Customer Service is the date of cancellation and your record of the cancellation. Please note: canceling your subscription will remove your "Loyal ScentFlirt" status by breaking the "consistent" in the 6 months of consistent subscription orders required to earn a 5% discount on future orders of all full retail fragranced products.
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